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Welcome to ASB (Associated Student Body)

How to Contact us ~ Email: Meera Navarro

What is ASB? The Associated Student Body (ASB) cabinet provides provides for student activities, serves as training experience for student leaders, promotes the common good for all students, gives students a share in the management of the school, develops high ideals of personal conduct, acts as a clearing house for student activities, seeks to interest students in school affairs, and helps solve problems that may arise. Officers of the ASB are your representatives and have direct access to the school administration
Associated student bodies are formed for the sole benefit of the students. All students must be enrolled in the school district of residence to be a member of the student body. Any group of students may organize "with the approval and subject to the control and regulations of the governing board of the school district." (Education Code 48930)
The purpose of the ASB is to benefit the students as long as these benefits do not conflict with the authority and responsibility of school officials.

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