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College & Career Resources

Bernardo Heights Middle School  
Career Exploration

Xello is an app that can be found on MyPlan.  Click on the upper left hand side of the screen where you see the + sign.  Search Xello and your student will be able to add the tile to their MyPlan homepage.   Sign in to Xello with Student ID# and the password is your birthday as MM/DD/YYYY. Explore vocational and technical careers, check out the skills employers really want, find a trade school, research technical topics, and take a look at the current job market. A helpful career explorations site.

Career Assessments  worlds largest testing center: personality, interests, values, etc.  assorted tests and inventories  planning guide for high school students  Learn your personality type, take the test.  Keirsey Temperament Sorter:  a terrific test for all ages 

Career Information  excellent site for students grades 5-12  the ultimate labor market site for career exploration  up-to-the minute labor statistics in every category  What will be the fastest growing jobs in San Diego? Find out in this cool link of "occupational outlook" or "demand occupations."  occupation safety and health administration explore vocational and technical careers  for students interested in any military career  on-the-job training opportunities by county

College Information Community College transfer information for the CSU and UC system. Information on the California State University schools.  Contains everything you wanted to know about any college. User friendly version of the above, search by any criteria. UC system information and requirements.