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Bernardo Heights Middle School Counseling & Student Support Services

Welcome to the Counseling and Student Support Services page!  

Why Middle School Counselors? Middle school students are characterized by rapid physical growth, curiosity about their world and an emerging self-identity. Middle school counselors have an impact on these years by implementing a school counseling program and collaborating with school staff, parents and the community to create a safe, respectful learning environment whereby young adolescents can maximize personal and academic achievement. 

Middle school counselors enhance the learning process and promote academic, career and social/emotional development. School counseling programs are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set informed career goals and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community (ASCA 2019).
 Counseling Staff
 Marco Laborin  Lorretta Shughrue

Marco Laborin 

Counselor (A - E)
[email protected]
858-485-4850 x. 4891

Lorretta Shughrue

Counselor (F - L)
[email protected]  
858-485-4850 x. 4613
 Adrian Orozco  Carol Ochoa

Adrian Orozco

Counselor (M - R)
[email protected]
858-485-4850 x. 4893

Carol Ochoa

Counselor (S - Z)
[email protected]
858-485-4850 x. 4892
 Rebecca MacGowan  Ari Franco

Rebecca MacGowan

Student Data Technician
[email protected] 
858-485-4850 x. 4044

​Ari Franco

Mending Matters
[email protected]
858-485-4850 x. 4022
 Gigi Elwardi  

Gigi Elwardi

Student Services Specialist
[email protected]
858-485-4850 x. 4896
IG @bhms_studentservices
Current students and families are encouraged to visit the Bobcat Counseling Center Canvas Site for school related information and useful resources.

Students and parents are encouraged to call or email their counselor.

Counselors are available to see students on a "drop-in" basis before school, during breaks, lunch and after school.  If your counselor is not available please fill out a form in the counseling office so we can check back in with you at a later time.  We care about each and every Bobcat!

The following resources are available 24/7 for mental health support should you need resources for yourself or someone you care about.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK
(on the back of your student ID card)
The San Diego Access & Crisis Line 1-888-724-7240
The Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741
Trans Family Support Services 1-858-304-0085