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ELL - English Language Learners

English Language Learner Program (ELL)
ELL Coordinator and ELD Language Arts—Natalie Vozely
Instructional Assistant—Catherine Yee

ELD stands for English Language Development. Students new to our school who speak another language are tested to determine their English language proficiency level and placed in either SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) or mainstream classes. For students who score at the beginning or early intermediate level, Bernardo Heights offers SEI classes in language arts, social studies, and science. For all other classes (math, elective, and physical education) students are placed in mainstream classes. In SEI classes, students receive concentrated instruction in the use of the English language that is appropriate for their grade and English language proficiency level. SEI classes are smaller in size and have specialized ELD curriculum.

Students who score at the intermediate English proficiency level or above are placed in mainstream content classes. These students receive instruction from a CLAD (Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development) certified teacher who have advanced training in special strategies to help students increase their English proficiency and learn academic subjects taught in English. In all cases ELL students are welcomed and integrated into the school culture which includes an atmosphere of caring and achievement.